A cool 18 mile ride with my

cycling buddy and wife Tracey.

SUCCESS is about challenging

yourself to do what others won't. 

Wade Roberts   presents 

"The greatest fears that keep you from living your dreams are the ones you make up in your head."

 MindZone Guru

Up, up and away with Tracey!  She must like

adventure because she married me. 

Short list of organizations for which Wade has provided services:
•  American Bank of Commerce
•  AT&T~ Mobility • Landline • Small Business
•  Boyd Gaming

•  Rio Suites & Casino
•  Comcast
•  Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

•  Harrah's Entertainment
•  MGM/Mirage Corporation
•  Rio Suites & Casino
•  Twin River Gaming Type your paragraph here.

A little NASCAR will  do you good!

129 miles per hour, not bad for a rookie!

A Fire Walk only burns if you think about it.  So make sure you think about something cool and refreshing. 

Wade Roberts 

Husband ~ Dad/Grand Dad ~ Life Coach ~ ​Teacher ~ Entrepreneur ~ Mentor ~ Public Speaker


Coaching • Engaging Humor • Training • Leadership • Public Speaking • Vision & Goal Setting  • Comfortable With Slight Hair Recession     

Wade Roberts has been answering the call for consulting, mentoring and training with individuals and businesses for over 25 years.  Wade is Master Certified in NLP and Master Certified with American Board of Hypnotherapy for over twenty years and yes, as crazy as it sounds, Wade is a certified fire walk instructor.  

Wade's passion is anchored in personal development and helping others achieve personal and professional success. When Wade isn't working with clients he's busy researching, writing and developing new approaches to engage individuals and businesses in visualizing greater possibilities and the action steps to take them there.

Wade and his wife, Tracey are lifelong residents of Las Vegas with two grown daughters, Staci and Keri and seven grandkids.  Oh yea, and Tessa, one huge 4.5 lb. Yorkie watchdog.  

As Indicated by the above photos, Wade and Tracey are always challenging themselves, both personally and professionally to keep growing and raising their level of awareness so that they can share what works to help others move forward in their lives. 

Wade believes transformation/change can happen much easier than most people choose to do it.  There is a false belief that life, success and change has to be hard or difficult.  He believes that is because of the beliefs that most people have received as children and through environmental and social conditioning.    

Wade suggests that If you knew that you could have it all you would step up and claim it.  He works at helping people to lock in the understanding that you can have it all the way you want it.  To back up his declaration, Wade refers to the amazing role models all around us that say "Yes, you can have it all."   The life style you dream of, the prosperity and abundance that makes you very comfortable or absolutely wealthy is there for each of us if that's what you truly desire.  Well, you can, all you have to do is decide that's what you want and universal source will start to work on all the pieces that need to fall in place. Wade believes that we all have a responsibility to be open and inspired to take the actions that align with who we are and what each of us is here to do. When our passion, purpose and beliefs are aligned the universe opens up to all possibility. 

Wade Roberts loves the human spirit and the awesome potential that each person has.  He believes that each of us has been given access to infinite power helping us create any life we truly see ourselves living.          

From a front line employee with Union Pacific Railroad to corporate director of training, to business owner, mentor and consultant, Wade has developed the knowledge and skills and situational awareness to assist companies and individuals in dramatically improving performance and lifestyle.  

​Meet our new friend Steve the Stingray.  Stay away from Steve's tale, that's why he's called a Stingray.

Only fifty feet up!  Then why are my

knees shaking?