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2018 Seminars

Curago Vita Wellness Institute

2551 N. Green Valley Parkway Bldg B Suite 205

Henderson, NV 89014

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 October ~ TBA, 2016   

​​Learn & Practice Strategies for:

  • Breaking Through self-limiting beliefs!
  • Clarifying your vision!
  • Identifying & releasing negitive personal history!
  • Energizing Goals & Vision!

Las Vegas, NV 

 October ~ TBA, 2016

​Las Vegas, NV

The Power of Essential Oils          with Tracey Roberts​​

 September ~ TBA, 2016

Las Vegas, NV 

The Power of Words

Tapping Positive Emotions

Mastering Cause & Effect

Let Go Move Forward Now!

 October ~  TBA, 2016  

Infinite Success 1.0 ​                                    with Wade Roberts

  2018 Dates Coming Soon

Vision Power     with  Wade Roberts​​

 MindZone Guru ~ Calendar

Essential oils are powerful tools to build health, energy, focus and confidence for personal and professional success. Reduce Pain, Increase Energy, Heal Your Body, Release Negative Emotions, Increase Focus, Restore Vitality, Feel Good Again! 

​Las Vegas, NV

​Las Vegas, NV

   October ~ TBA, 2016 

​​​​​​​​Infinite Success 4.0                                     with Wade Roberts